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7 Acre Kennel's Shorty Bulls!

We are a family based breeder in Caldwell, Idaho. We are devoted to producing two rare alternative bulldog breeds, one called Shorty Bulls and the other, Olde English Bulldogges. This is our site for our Shorty Bulls, to check out our Olde English Bulldogges click here.

These are not English Bulldogs.

I first became aquainted with the Shorty Bull when I decided that along with my larger Olde English Bulldogges I wanted to have a smaller breed as well, something that fit a little easier on my lap, my couch, my bed and in my car (haha).  After checking out some of the more common smaller bulldog breeds I felt they were too fragile and had too many health issues for what I wanted in a breed. Then one evening I came across a picture of this thick, sturdy, functional AND short bully! I had to know more and after asking around I found that this dog was a "Shorty Bull", right away I knew this was the small bully breed I had been looking for all along.  And so after doing some research on select bloodlines I started adding Shorty Bulls to my breeding program. 


My goal in raising Shorty Bulls is to produce a healthy, athletic, functional, loveable and loyal bully that people looking for a smaller bully breed can enjoy.  I health test my Shorties, which includes hip screening and making sure they do not have eye issues such as entropion or hereditary cataracts, I also will not breed a dog if they have extreme breathing issues, skin allergies or bad temperaments. Although in some cases c-sections maybe required but ideally these little dogs can naturally whelp and are great mothers.  Additionally these little dogs are what I would call the class clowns of the dog world! They are comical, entertaining and love being with their families, you cannot beat the personality of a happy and healthy Shorty Bull!

If you have been on the search for a small bully breed or a miniature bulldog breed but were dissatisfied with the options out there like I was, then you have come to the right place.  Take some time to check out our dogs, the breed's history and what we have available. I am confident you will fall in love with the Shorty Bull too!


Shorty Bulls are registered through the Bull Breed Coalition and the American Bully Kennel Club. These are the two registries our dogs will be shown through as well.